Ten Hours Ten Minutes

Installation shot from  Fathom , 2019.

Installation shot from Fathom, 2019.

Ten Hours Ten Minutes (2019)

Installation: digital video composite of 10 digital images; sound: “Unfamiliar Winds (Leeks Hills)” by Brian Eno

Over the past two years, I’ve unwound from the fast pace of NYC life, spending large chunks of time simply observing – a luxury the Rockaway environment provides. I didn’t intend to slow down, it sort of just happened, but in that space, I’ve discovered a sort of paradox. The more I slow down, the simpler life gets, the more I notice the nuanced beauty of it, and the deeper my experience is in general. Therein lies the paradox: the more you reduce, reduce, reduce, the more experience opens up to reveal worlds of nuance and meaning. After spending time out there, I later often find that I’ve grown immensely by slowing down –effectively speeding up. As an artist who works with time, I find this paradox fascinating.

On Saturday May 18, 2019, I camped overnight on the beach beneath a beautiful full moon. An extension of my “Ten Hours” series, I took one long exposure image each hour for 10 hours, from dusk to dawn. The resulting images have been composited into a 10-minute time-lapse video. The video is in itself a distortion of time: it’s sped up in that it represents 10 hours, but the looping transition is 10 minutes; it takes patience and attention to watch it fully and detect the shift from evening to morning.

The purpose of this piece is to change the frame rate of our experience and offer the viewer access to a slower pace in which nuance and revitalization blossom. I invite you to sit and simply breathe, allow yourself to be slowed by watching the movie in its entirety.