Ocean Flow Sound Bath with Jessica Caplan, Sat June 8 at 4pm

As I’ve been putting together this show, I’ve been thinking a lot about the rhythms of the sea. The long rhythms of high and low tide, and the short rhythms of the waves that caress the shore. There are almost as many nuances to these rhythms as there are waves themselves, it seems.

Jessica Caplan

Jessica Caplan

Upon a visit to Pioneer Works, I encountered a guided meditation into a sound experience expertly and artfully guided by Jessica Caplan, a sound therapist, vocalist and yoga instructor whose subtlety and instinct lead me into a deep and transcendent state and I knew I had to learn more. I went on to study with her, learning about the unique role of sound in the human experience: it can shake things up, release them, but also settle new intentions and most impressively it can “entrain" us, meaning, pull us into natural alignment and connection with one another. It’s powerful stuff!

I’m pleased to announce that Jessica has agreed to travel from upstate New York to be a part of my exhibition, Fathom. Together we will meditate and resonate around the rhythms of the ocean – a further delve into my effort to honor and connect with the sea and the community of Rockaway.

What’s a “sound bath”? Here’s a bit about what to expect:

We are vibrational beings. Sound baths incorporate instruments with healing frequencies to re-tune body and mind, encourage relaxation, and stimulate the imagination to go on an inward journey. This transformative, deeply meditative 60-minute experience of sound and music opens with gentle breath work to set up body and mind for relaxation. You're then guided into a relaxing pose (seated or lying down - bring a yoga mat or cushion), which allows you to melt into the soothing waves of vibration.

This event is free and family friendly; no experience necessary. Please bring a yoga mat or a meditation cushion. RSVP at Facebook here.

Info & Getting There

sTudio 6 Gallery, Rockaway Artist's Alliance
Gallery Hours: Sat/Sun 12-4
Show Runs June 1 - June 9

By Car (easiest): if you plan to stay for longer than 3 hours (ie, go to the beach), park ($10) at the enormous Jacob Riis Park lot and walk over (~5 minute walk, follow google). If less than 3 hours, you can park right at sTudio 6 Gallery; It's permitted parking but I can give you a permit good for 3 hours when you arrive.

By Boat: Take the ferry from wall street (manhattan) or sunset park (brooklyn) to 108th street in Rockaway. From there, either (1) Take the free shuttle bus to Fort Tilden (2) Hop on a Lime Bike - get the app, fill it with money, and hop on an electric bike! It’s a ~15-minute ride, stay along the ocean side, not the bay. (3) Take an uber/car service to the show.

By Bike: From central Brooklyn the ride is 1-1.5 hours (~15 miles). Google may not direct you this way, but take Bedford Avenue; it's a flat, tree-lined street with a bike lane and it's a lovely ride and great workout!

Traveling by bus and train are a wee bit more complicated; because schedules are always changing I recommend you google this for transit directions.

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