Ocean Flow Sound Bath with Jessica Caplan, Sat June 8 at 4pm

As I’ve been putting together this show, I’ve been thinking a lot about the rhythms of the sea. The long rhythms of high and low tide, and the short rhythms of the waves that caress the shore. There are almost as many nuances to these rhythms as there are waves themselves, it seems.

Upon a visit to Pioneer Works, I encountered a guided meditation into a sound experience expertly and artfully guided by Jessica Caplan, a sound therapist, vocalist and yoga instructor whose subtlety and instinct lead me into a deep and transcendent state and I knew I had to learn more. I went on to study with her, learning about the unique role of sound in the human experience: it can shake things up, release them, but also settle new intentions and most impressively it can “entrain" us, meaning, pull us into natural alignment and connection with one another. It’s powerful stuff!

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michelle zassenhaus
"Fathom" Featured in The Wave

I’m pleased to have a write-up in the local paper in Rockaway!

Michelle Zassenhaus is a photographer and multi-media artist based in Brooklyn and Rockaway Park, and her new solo exhibition, “Fathom” will open at the Rockaway Artists Alliance’s sTudio 6 Gallery on June 1.

This her second presentation at Rockaway Artists Alliance in as many years.

Fathom, meaning (1) to deeply understand and (2) a measure of the depth of water, is a double entendre for Zassenhaus’ exploration of the Rockaway Peninsula.

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michelle zassenhaus