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City Meets Sea (Installation View)

City Meets Sea (Installation View)

(Note: This series is printed 60"H x 75"W)

At this very moment, as you read these lines, the surf is striking the sand at the city's edge, over and over. This waterfront was there before this city was built, and it will be there long after it. 

In many ways, my trips there are an effort to discover, and tune into, the foundation of this place that we’ve come to associate with just about everything but natural beauty. And yet there it is: 11 miles of pristine waterfront beach right here within the city limits.

Light and time are the mediums of photography. I shoot with a large-format pinhole camera, which requires a lot of time to let in the very little light to create an exposure. Anything not in one position long enough doesn’t get recorded: conversely, the things that remain constitute a sort of foundation,; this is what I capture.

Creating these images is a process of reduction. I distinctly feel that I'm making paintings – or even sculptures – not photographs. Once captured, there's a process of pulling out the scene that exists among the muck of color shifts, aberrations, and distortions. I take the record of place and time and give it a voice. What's left is a sort of fossil of that moment. I polish and honor it, and reproduce it person-sized to be relived.

These images are portraits. They are a reminder of what we can access despite seemingly unlimited distractions. They are an homage to the natural environment that increasingly requires our love and stewardship. They are odes to the ocean and the land it laps that are the real, original New York City – the one beneath it all – where it meets the sea.