Michelle Zassenhaus is an artist in Brooklyn, New York. Her work explores spaces – in particular, the passage of time (through long exposures) and the human relationship to space.

Michelle is a contributor at Getty Images. She received a BFA in Art Photography from Syracuse University in 1996. 

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Lightning Whelk (Group Show), The Castle, Rockaway Park, NY

Many Layered Moments, Gowanus Dredgers Boathouse, Brooklyn, NY

Beyond What's Known, Solo Exhibition; Rockaway Artists Alliance, Queens, NY

City Meets Sea: Meditations; Big Lake;  Site:Brooklyn @ The Yard, New York NY

City Meets Sea: Meditations, Brooklyn Workshop Gallery, Brooklyn NY

City Meets Sea: Meditations, Brooklyn Editions, Brooklyn NY

Big Lake, Superfine, Brooklyn NY



1992 - 96 BFA, Art Photography, School of Visual & Performing Arts, Syracuse University



May 2018 Rockaway Times: Review of Beyond What's Known

Oct 2017 Don't Take Pictures : Feature: Filter Photo Festival Review

Sep 2017 L'Oeil de la Photographie : Featured Portfolio: City Meets Sea



As a photographer, particularly a long-exposure photographer, I’m interested in the essence of a place – the signature – which emerges when the surface ephemera give way to the underlying structure. 

In cities like New York and Chicago – cluttered with people, buildings and things – the horizon is obscured. The periphery reveals the horizon, and like a cross-cut section, the nature of the ground on which the city is built. 

These images are portraits of the periphery. During exposures of [often] several minutes, what’s fleeting escapes the lens; what’s fundamental bores into the

image.  Much as a painter manipulates paint, I exploit the physical properties of film to tease out the subtle beauty of place.

Like portraits of people, these images are an exploration of the spaces' essence, discrete vocabulary, mannerisms, structures, shapes, colors, climates and stories told by the elements left behind: failed piers, jetties, efforts to manage the transitions between land and water.  They are also a celebration of the beautiful surprises found within the city limits at the water’s edge.





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