“The past is all around us. Darwin’s biggest contribution was to show us that all individual organisms are connected through time. …The fact that we are connected through space and time shows that life is a unitary phenomenon, no matter how we express that fact. We are not one living organism, but we constitute a single ecosystem with many differentiated parts. I don’t see this as a contradiction, because parts and wholes are nestled in each other.” - Lynn Margulis, evolutionary theorist and biologist


Recent & Ongoing


Untitled (Rockaway Series)

Technically within NYC limits, the communities of Rockaway possess a certain magical realism created by the colliding forces at the fray of the city. Tightly nestled houses of architectural miscellany, the ocean, the bay, and the distantly gleaming city viewable at once; night so heavy that only faintly glowing windows suggest people within. Harsh winds, odd neighbors, protected estuaries. All beneath the relentless roar of low-flying JFK-bound air traffic.

Untitled (Rockaway Series) – in progress and as yet unnamed – is a series of thematic essays about the Rockaway Peninsula, reflecting my preoccupation with border areas, the natural vs human-made, and notions of time and place.

I. Sky


II. Sea

III. Inhabitants